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Sticky Notes - Just popped up! 5.0

Free-to-use browser extension for creating quick notes
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Taking notes while browsing the Web is a clean, fast, and easy task with Sticky Notes – Just popped up! It integrates with your Google Chrome browser and stays as a neat small icon on the upper bar, from where you can open a new note with just one click. The appearance of the sticky note is fully configurable, and it can open on new window instead if so desired.

This free Chrome add-on is an excellent little tool to create to-do lists, jot down messages, take snippets from web pages, etc. You can now take notes without having to open another tool – instead of moving from your notepad or your word processor to your browser, you can now write down all those notes without interrupting your browsing, or copy text from a webpage and paste it into the note. Sticky Notes comes with a nice choice of settings that will allow you to configure your notes with the theme, font, and size that better fits your preferences.

The new notes will open on a corner of the page you’re browsing at that time, instead of adding new tabs to your Chrome, and the content you type in is never lost, even if you empty Chrome’s cache or delete your cookies. Its fast, smooth, and efficient performance makes it the ideal note-taking tool for those with a Web-based job or for anyone who enjoys spending long hours navigating the Web.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Customizable note appearance
  • Pops up on a new window if required
  • Syncs with all your Google Chrome devices


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